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September 19
LOCATION Sutton Park  NEW TIME -- 10am!
BBQ to follow - Bring dish to share (optional)

Tree Lined Path

Encounter God through nature, prayer, scripture, and song.

June 20,
July 18, 
Aug. 29

9:30 am

Sutton Park

815 Washington
Cheney WA

All are welcome! Come as you are.

Organized by:

Cheney Congregational

Emmanuel Lutheran

Saint Paul's Episcopal

  - your own chair or blanket
  - weather appropriate protection
     (sunscreen, umbrella, etc)
COVID Precautions
  - Maintain six feet social distancing
  - Un-vaccinated people are
    encouraged to wear masks
Boy Leaning Against a Tree
June 20


The Bible stories took place in the Middle East. As this area is a dry region, trees are a sign of water, fertility and blessing. 

Ray of Light
July 18


Trees and plants grow towards the light.  How we can “grow towards the light” in our faith?

Seed Delivery
August 29


Jesus often uses the image of spreading seed as a picture of telling other people about God.

Questions?  Contact Pastor Matt Goodale

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